Keeling & Walker Come Together with CodiKoat and BDK to Develop a Self-cleaning Anti-microbial Protective Coat to Touch Screens

CodiKoat, a Cambridge Biotech firm have developed a ground-breaking self-cleaning protective coating that kills viruses and bacteria within seconds of contact on public touchscreen devices that are being used thousands of times a day from public transport to grocery store self-checkouts and cash machines.

This adhesive film has been developed with nanotechnology and kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses. It is easy to apply on any touch screen, or implement straight during the manufacturing process. The protective coating doesn’t cause a drop in the performance of the touch screen.

CodiKoat has joined their efforts with two world-leading manufacturers and specialists in the field. Keeling and Walker produces the specialist pigments that form part of the protective coating, while the other partner, BDK, leads on printing and producing the adhesive film.

Keeling and Walker’s Managing Director, Dieter Guhl is thrilled to be taking on this challenge and bringing this remarkable coating to the masses in partnership with CodiKoat and BDK. He continues; “We look forward to a successful cooperation with CodiKoat and BDK to create a highly functional solution for a cleaner and safer environment”.

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