We are driving electrification of the planet recycling metals innovating with patents growing fast investing in new processes decarbonising old processes nearly 100 years old learning every day

£1. 0 b
£ 47 .1m
Profit before Tax (PBT)
32 %
PBT Compound Annual Growth Rate Last 5 Years
38 th
Consecutive Annual Profit

Amalgamated Metal Corporation PLC (“AMC”) is a non-ferrous metals company, with activities in the recycling, trading, and upgrading of metals used in the electrification of the planet.

70% of our turnover comes from key electrical conductors, tin and copper

Decarbonising global energy supplies will involve investment in transmission and distribution lines, electronics and other enabling infrastructure. We work hard to make sure the critical metals that underpin this transformation get to the right place, at the right time, at the right quality.

We believe technology will radically transform the environmental impact of the metals sector

We are always looking to exploit technology to solve hard technical challenges and improve our business prospects.

35% of the material we handle is now recycled

We believe the future is ultimately recycled. We are always looking to recycle, and investing in technologies and processes to make this happen faster.

We are 100 years old and still learning

The Company, founded in 1929, prides itself on reliability, integrity and professionalism. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for performance, and we’ve survived by working to solve the challenges of the moment. Our sustainability efforts today focus on reducing our energy intensity, decarbonising our operational vehicles, and increasing the flow of recycled content through our businesses.

Financial Services

Managing commodity price risk for the industry

Recycling and Trading

Aggregating and allocating so supply meets demand


Turning ideas into products

Our Locations

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