AMC Group

Managing logistics & risk in the metal supply chain

AMC Group

AMC Group

55 Bishopsgate

The AMC Group operates a number of specialist businesses focused on both managing risk in non-ferrous metal supply chains and the provision of base metals, minor metals, alloys and other added value products for industrial consumers.


LME trading

AMC’s trading activities include risk management services provided as a Ring Dealing Member of the London Metal Exchange and as a broker on other global commodity exchanges and the worldwide supply of a full range of base and minor metals.



AMC’s industrial activities provide the manufacturing and construction sectors with metals, intermediate and added value products with an emphasis on metal price risk management, quality, reliability and service.

Trading Products


Industrial Products


Exchange, Trading & Broking

  • LME Futures and Options

  • LBMA Futures and Options

  • Financial Futures and Options

  • Fund Management

Physical Trading & Distribution

  • Base Metals

  • Minor Metals

  • Minerals

  • Metal Powders

  • Ferro-alloys

  • High purity metals

Construction Products

  • Construction Materials

  • Construction Chemicals

  • Pumps 

Non-Ferrous Metals

  • Tin and Tin Products

  • Tin Chemicals

  • Aluminium Alloys

  • Copper Alloys

  • Lead Products

  • Metal Powders