AMC Trading

From its early days as a founder member of the LME, AMC has also been involved in the trading of physical metal as well as the trading on the LME. Customers can hedge their price risk directly through AMT or they can buy or sell their physical requirements in quantities and with timing to suit their commercial needs through other units in the Division. AMC is also a distributor of smaller lot sizes of base metals, specialist metals and metal powders. The business operates worldwide.

Amalgamated Metal Trading (AMT) is the Group’s Ring Dealing Member of the London Metal Exchange (LME). AMT provides market making and brokerage services to its clients who wish to mitigate or manage their metal price exposure. The company’s clients comprise participants in all aspects of the metals business, including mining, smelting, recycling, trading and consumption of metal, along with investors who view metals as an attractive asset class. The company has a representative office in Shanghai, and provides a trading facility to clients during Chinese working hours.


AMT Futures is the specialist brokerage and fund management Group company which provides a comprehensive range of services to institutional and professional investors on the world’s futures, options, derivatives and foreign exchange markets.


AMC Treasury Services functions as the Group’s in-house bank managing cash and foreign exchange.

Amalgamet Ltd is centred in London from where it trades non-ferrous metals, mainly tin, aluminium alloy, tungsten, antimony, lead, silicon and nickel. It has dedicated offices in New York and Singapore as well as the network of  AMC offices elsewhere in the world.


Amalgamet Canada markets specialty metals and materials in North America alongside its metal trading operation.

Sansing Limited is a global supplier of all major categories of scrap and recycled non-ferrous metals, including aluminium, copper, lead, nickel and zinc, with substantial interest in other non-ferrous metals. The company operates as a global organization with a network of offices and agents across Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America centralised through its headquarters in Hong Kong.


William Rowland Ltd., located in Sheffield and Birmingham, is a long-established supplier to industrial consumers.


The AMC Group has a 50% holding in Alloys, Metals and Ceramics Holdings, a South African company, and a 40% holding in The British Metal Corporation (India), both of which supply non-ferrous metals and alloys to local industries.