AMC Industrial

In parallel with its commodity trading activities, AMC has added value manufacturing activities which produce or recycle a range of non-ferrous metals including tin, lead, solders and copper and aluminium alloys for a variety of uses including raw metals for the electronics, automotive and aerospace industries and products for the construction industry.

Thailand Smelting & Refining (Thaisarco) operates the Group’s tin smelter and refinery located in Phuket, Thailand. The company is an industry leader in the manufacture of tin, with its LME registered Thaisarco and Phuket brands, tin alloys and other tin-related, value-added, products.


Consolidated Alloys manufactures and distributes a wide range of non-ferrous metals and intermediate products for the construction, mining, electronics and other industrial markets across Australia. 


Vespol Pty Ltd., a long established Sydney-based producer and distributor of building supplies including lead sheet and flashing materials that complement Consolidated Alloys’ own product lines.


Consolidated Alloys (New Zealand) manufactures and distributes a range of non-ferrous metal products, including proprietary lead and aluminium flashing products, mainly for the construction industry. The company also distributes industrial pumping equipment.

Brookside Metal is located at Willenhall in the West Midlands, where it manufactures copper alloy ingots (brass bronze and gunmetal) and master alloys for both the domestic and export markets.


Mil-Ver Metals operates one of the UK’s largest secondary aluminium smelters at its premises in Coventry, where it manufactures aluminium alloys, in particular for customers in the automotive sector.


Keeling & Walker located in Stoke-on-Trent along with its sister company, Thermox Performance Materials, is an innovative market leader in the manufacture and supply of tin oxide and specialist metal oxides. The majority of Keeling & Walker’s production is exported to customers in a range of industrial sectors, in particular, ceramics, glass, automotive, electrical, electronic, and advanced materials technology.